How a Cycle to Work Scheme Can Benefit You and Your Company

What is a Cycle to Work Scheme?

The whole idea of a Cycle to Work Scheme is to reduce pollution caused by motorized vehicles and encourage people to take a healthier approach in their commute to work for both them and the planet. A sponsored scheme allows employers to offer low cost and tax free access to loaned and bought cycling equipment.

Even home-based employees are covered by these programs if they need to travel for work related activities such as going to the post office or gathering supplies from an office supply store. This means that no matter who you are, if you travel as any part of your job, expenses can be tax tree under the umbrella of an official scheme.

How does it benefit my company?

There are many ways that a can aid your company, including an environmentally friendly company image, a healthier staff and a far less congested parking lot. These are some of the most common benefits for your company when you join a Cycle to Work scheme.

While these are the most common of the benefits your company will see for joining a Cycle to Work scheme. Others may include a more positive attitude in the work area as well as more reliable employees. It is known that cycling to work is a great way to reduce stress and stay healthy which generally results in less sick days being taken. There are just so many ways your company will benefit.

Are there other advantages to a Cycle to Work Scheme?

Cycle to Work schemes are a tax exemption for those who ride any sort of “cycle” or non-motorized vehicle in their daily commute to work. In order for your journey via bicycle to count for this exemption all of part of the distance traveled must be from work to home.

A program like this makes items such as these available tax free:

> Helmets
> Lights
> Bells or horns
> Mirrors
> Water bottles
> Luggage carriers

This list does not even contain every item that you may be entitled to buy tax free when you enroll.

While all your employees should be encouraged to join your bike scheme, some may not feel inclined to do so. This is a personal choice for each individual employee and in no way should seem a requirement to work for your company, though it should be highly encouraged. Remind your employees of the health benefits to them and the planet we live on, as well as the significant monetary savings they will see from choosing pedal power over petrol.