Top 10 Folding Bikes

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1. Stowabike 20" City Bike Compact Folding 6 Speed Shimano Bicycle

Best Folding Bikes Reviews Stowabike is a company that continues to be relevant in the biking world, as they prove with their 20'' model. This model is trendy, light weight, and easily folded in twenty seconds or less. It is sturdy, comfortable, and reliable. The seat hight is adjustable and it can carry the weight of a rider of up to 220 pounds.

Bike Specs and Features

• Weighs 35 pounds
• Shimano RD-TY18S 6 speed rear derailleur
• Steel mudguards
• Bell & safety reflectors
• Steel V-brakes
• Steel handlebar
• 20" frame, steel
• 20'' single wall rims
• Tires: New Well 20.2.125''
• Adjustable seat hight
• 6 speed microshift grip shifter
• Dimensions when folded: W 24" x L 34" x H 32"

Pros and Cons

The pros to this model is its easily foldable and discreet nature. It is sturdy, reliable, and great for city riding, but can hold its own on rugged terrain as well. The six speeds are more than adequate for city hills or rockier wild terrain, and the look of the bike is sleek and trendy. It runs at an affordable price for its quality, from around $150 to $225. A few cons are that its slender frame is not recommended for riders much over 200 pounds and the initial assembly can be tricky to put together.

Overall, this bike is recommended for those who need a commuting bike in urban areas or just for light city riding. It can be easily folded and stored when you've reached work or that cafe you are having lunch in. It has a rack for briefcases or other items and includes mud guards so you don't have to worry about getting your slacks dirty on the way to work.

2. Sueh Q6 Folding Bike Shimano 7 Speed Double Disk Light 20 Inch Foldable Bicycle

Sueh is one of the top bicycle companies in the market, and it is easy to see why with the Q6 Folding Bike model. It is the perfect bike for all outdoor riding, including commutes and recreation rides. It is a manageable size when folded and fairly light to carry. It is great for long rides or short commutes, and it comes with a six month warranty.

Bike Specs and Features

• Easily foldable and able to carry
• Choice of colors
• Shimano 7 speed derailleur
• Double disk brakes on front and back wheels
• Zhao Yang 20"tires
• 27 pounds in weight
• Size when unfolded: 59.84"(L) x 39.37"/48.42"(H)
• 23.62in when folded
• 10 to 15 Seconds to fold

Pros and Cons

This bike has a great, sleek design and comes in a variety of trendy and fashionable colors. It has an aluminum frame with a steel adjustable hight stem. The seven speed shifter makes for easy riding on any incline, and the warranty is six months, so when purchasing, you can be sure you are getting what you pay for. It is easy to fold and carry. The con is the price, which can range from $385 to $670 new. However, for the dedicated rider, the bike is worth the cost.

Overall, this bike is perfect for serious riders. You can't beat the performance or the aesthetics. It is durable and useful on any terrain. Its compact nature makes it easy to transport to mountain bike ranges, or can be used for inner city commutes and stowed at your destination. For anyone who bikes regularly, you are not going to find a better or more reliable ride.

3. Sueh Q3 Folding Bike Shimano 7 Speed 20 Inch Foldable Bicycle

Sueh makes bicycles for customers of every shape and size. Another great Sueh model is the Q3 Folding Bike. Slightly cheaper than their Q6 model, but equal in performance, this bike is great competition for not only Sueh models, but other makers of foldable bikes. It is recommended for a variety of terrains and ride lengths, including city riding commutes and longer more rugged rides on wilder terrain.

Bike Specs and Features

• 40mm x 510mm SUEH seat post
• Hui Hong disk system brakes
• Zhao Yang 20"tires
• Pedals are plastic and foldable
• 30.53 pounds in weight
• Size when unfolded: 59.84"(L) x 39.37"/48.42"(H)
• 23.62in when folded
• 10 to 15 Seconds to fold
• Can be folded and carried
• Choice of colors
• 7 speed Suehshifter
• Steel and aluminumframe

Pros and Cons

Price wise, this model beats the Q6. It runs from about $297 to $450 as opposed to the Q6, which runs from $385 to $670. It matches it in performance, is equally easy and quick to fold, has seven speeds, comes in a variety of trendy colors, and has a six month warranty. It also features foldable pedals, something the Q6 does not. Cons are that this Q3 model is not quite as sleek and trendy in design as the Q6. It is also slightly heavier, being 30 lbs. as opposed to 27 lbs.

This bike is a great choice for those who want a quality ride that will last, but do not want to dish out the cash for a more expensive model. Though slightly heavier and with a slightly bulkier design than the Sueh Q6 model, the Q3 matches the Q6 in performance and durability for a great price cut.

4. Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow

Dahon believes consumers mostly use bicycles for one purpose, which is why they designed the Speed Uno Folding Bike. With one color and one speed, this simple bike is the ideal choice for those whose goal is to get somewhere in an environmentally friendly, healthy, and reliable manner.

Bike Specs and Features

• Rider should be 4' 8" to 6' 4"in height to ride comfortable
• Rider should not weigh more than 230 pounds
• 64 inch gear
• Shadow color
• 1 speed
• 11.7''x 30''x 25''when folded
• 24.2 pounds in weight
• 10 seconds to fold
• Dahon Rotolo tires, measuring 20" x 1.75"
• Suntour folding non-slip pedals
• Aluminum, dacromet bolt kickstand
• Magnetix clip system
• Chromoly frame, 24.2 pounds in weight

Pros and Cons

The purpose of this bike is straightforward and clear. There are no frills, customizable colors, or multiple speeds. It is one of the lightest foldable bikes you will be able to find, weighing in at 24 pounds. Though un-customizable, the design and color already look sleek and trendy. Its magnetic latching system makes it easily fold and hold together when carrying or stowing in a trunk or locker. The cons are that this bike is clearly intended for one purpose – flat city commutes. If you are looking for something more versatile, or decide to ride on rugged or hilly terrain recreationally, this bike will not be adequate. You are also not cutting costs by getting a single speed bike, which runs for $365 to $420 new.

This bike is perfect for those looking for a light and easy bike for their city commutes. You will not beat the performance and simplicity of the Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike for this purpose. It is lightweight, sleeks, simple, and will get you wherever you need to go in a healthy and environmentally friendly manner.

5. Allen Sports Urban Aluminum 1 Speed Folding Bicycle

Allen Sports specializes in folding bikes and has an array of options to choose from. Ranging from Twenty speed rugged terrain bikes intended for the serious recreations biker, to seven speed bikes for a variety of uses, to this Aluminum 1 Speed model for urban commutes, Allen boasts quality and reliability.

Bike Specs and Features

• One speed gear system
• 451 mm wheels
• Pedals are foldable
• Bike weighs a total of 26.1 pounds
• Folding can be done in eight seconds due to lever release
• 6061 aluminum frame and fork
• DDK 3166 saddle
• Samox crank set
• GLEDE alloy rims
• Bike can be rolled when folded due to it's wheel lock system that secures the bike when folded
• Suggested rider height: 4'8" to 6'5"
• Rider should not weight more than 230 pounds
• Bike is completely assembled when shipped

Pros and Cons

The pros for this bike are its low maintenance one speed drive train that is easy to operate on flat roads or small hills. It is versatile within city and suburban environments. It is easily folded within eight seconds and easily carried at its 26.1 pound weight. It also has a wheel lock system that secures the bicycle when folded and collapses smaller than many foldable bikes. The 451 mm wheels are also better for performance and handling rather than the 20'' or 16'' on most folding bicycles. The cons of this bike is the one speed reduces versatility. It is inadequate for longer recreational rides in rugged or hilly terrain. The design is also not as sleek and trendy as some other models if that is a quality that is important to you.

The Allen Sports Aluminum One Speed Folding Bicycle is perfect for the urban commuter. The performance is fantastic on inner city and suburban rides, and the patented folding mechanism makes for easy carry and stowing when reaching your destination. The basic design and simple construction makes for great, useful transportation.

6. Columba 26" Folding Bike w. Shimano Black (SP26S_BLK)

You would not know this Columba Bike is a folding model just by looking at it. With wheels at 26 inches, it looks like any durable and well-performing mountain bike with the added bonus of folding up for easy carrying and storage.

Bike Specs and Features

• Wheels are 26''
• Steel frame is foldable for ease of carrying and storage
• Shifter and derailleur are Shimano 18 speed
• Front and rear V-brake are alloy
• Tires have alloy rims and are 26''x1.5''Kenda
• Pedals are foldable
• Front handle stem can be quickly removed
• Handles have alloy silver color cap and a PVC black bell
• Steel kickstand and hubs in front and rear
• Riders should not weigh more than 200 pounds

Pros and Cons

Pros of this bike are it's versatility. It has an eighteen speed shifter, which makes it able to perform and many different terrains and inclines. It is great for either commuting to work or around town or biking in wilder environments and rougher surfaces recreationally. The price is also very reasonable for its performance, and you're not paying a lot of price for a prestigious brand name. Cost ranges from $230 to $300. Cons include the weights, which is 34 pounds, slightly heavier than most folding bikes. The wheels are larger than many folding models as well, making it a bit bulkier to carry, even when folded. Also, people whose height is 5'10"~6'0" may need to buy a longer seat post, and if you are over 200 pounds, this bike may not be able to support your weight.

Overall, this bike is a great option for those looking for a well-rounded versatile bicycle that they can use in a variety of environments and terrain. Whether putting it in your car to travel to a mountain biking range, or biking to work and stowing in a locker, this bike is a great choice for the cost.

7. Best Choice Products® 26" Folding Mountain Bicycle 6 Speed Shimano Foldable Bike Black Color

This bicycle is a great well-rounded choice for any casual biker. With 6 speeds, 26'' wheels, simple and sleek black color, and adjustable seat, every rider will be happy with the purchase. While Best Choice Products does not specialize in bicycles, they make a variety of recreational and outdoor products that prove to match any brand in quality and performance.

Bike Specs and Features

• Wheels are 26''
• Fold time is 15 seconds
• Some assembly required upon arrival
• Rider should not weigh more than 200 pounds
• Frame and fork are foldable for ease of carrying and storage
• Shifter and derailleur are Shimano 6-speed
• Wheels are anodized alloy
• Kick stand is heavy duty
• Mudguards
• Rider height should be between 5'3"-6'0"for comfort
• Bike weighs 37.2 pounds
• Steel frame measures 50.8x28.6x50.8mm
• Brakes in front and rear controllable on handlebar
• Seat post is adjustable to 35'' to 42'' height with quick-release
• Chain guard is body colored

Pros and Cons

The most obvious pro for this bike is the cost. Running at around $130, this mountain bike is one of the cheapest quality folding bikes you are going to find. The large 26'' wheels ensure smooth and comfortable rides, and with six speeds, this bike can handle most terrains, whether you are commuting or mountain biking in more rugged or hilly environments. Cons include the weight, which is one of the heaviest of foldable bikes at 37.2 pounds, and assembly is required.

This is a great bicycle for those that are looking for a cheaper, yet still quality option. It is great for every day use and when the rider wants to experiment with various gears, speeds, and terrains. It makes a great bike for a beginner or someone who bikes recreationally or casually.

8. Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike, Brushed

The bike specialists at Dahon have created a bicycle especially for boaters. The Mariner D7 is intended to be stowed into the tiniest of boat holds and unfolded at shore for convenient exploration of ports. Even is your intentions are not boat-worthy, this bike is perfectly adequate for most commutes and city rides as well.

Bike Specs and Features

• Frame measures 33'' x 11'' x 22'
• Bike weighs 26 pounds
• Fold time is less than 15 seconds
• Rear derailleur is Dahon Neos design
• Frame is 7005 aluminum
• Luggage rack included

Pros and Cons

Since intended for boat storage, this model is one of the few folding bikes to be rust resistant, though proper maintenance is still encouraged to minimize corrosion. It is small and light enough to take on public transportation, stow in a car or boat, and carry with you when you reach your destination. It is one of the most convenient and comfortable foldable bike models. Cons would include the price, which is on the steep side, and runs from around $545 to $600 new. It is also slightly bulkier and heavier than its pricier titanium alternatives.

Overall, the Dahon Mariner D7 is for those that plan on using the bike for an everyday mode of transportation or those who need a bike for their boat and port excursions. It also makes a great bike for carrying along while traveling. It is extremely durable and built to last, so the investment cost is one you will only have to pay one.

9. fBIKE Direct 6 Speed Folding Bike

FBike, a local Boston company, prides itself on its superior customer service and quality of product. FBike is great competitor for any of the top folding bike manufacturers such as Dahon, and beats them in price. The Direct 6 Speed model is sold in several trendy colors including papaya orange, margarita green, and graphite gray, and is a sleek and fashionable design.

Bike Specs and Features

• Derailleur is 6 speed Shimano
• Includes a rear luggage rack
• Choice of colors include Papaya orange, Margarita green, Graphite gray
• Wheels are 20" aluminum
• Bell and kickstand included
• Includes strap to hold wheels together when folded
• Fenders
• Pedals are foldable
• Steel frame
• Bike weighs 31 pounds
• Fold time is approximately 15 seconds
• 30 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty
• Rider should not weigh more than 225 pounds
• Rider should not be taller than 6'3''for comfort
• Dimensions when folded are 22" H x 14"W x 30" L
• Dimensions when unfolded, with handlebars down are 27" H x 12" W x 59" L

Pros and Cons

At only $250, this folding bicycle is a steal. The quality compares with any other much pricier models. It has six speeds which makes it more versatile than one speed models and can handle inclines easily. It is durable and reliable and also comes fully assembled. The small wheels make is fold up very compactly and is easy to store and carry. The cons include the weight, which is somewhat on the heavy side for foldable bikes at 31 pounds.

If you are looking for great quality for reasonable price, this is the bike for you. When you need fast and reliable transportation around town that is healthy and environmentally friendly, a bike is a great choice, and foldable bikes are the ideal option for those that live and work in small spaces. If you are overwhelmed comparing brands, try the fBike.

10. New Dahon Matrix Folding Bike - 15" Frame

Dahon has designed another bike for the urban commuter. This one does not look like a folding model, with 26'' wheels and a 15'' frame. It has a LockJaw folding hinge to keep it folded when carrying and is extremely durable and versatile with regard to terrain.

Bike Specs and Features

• 24 speed shifter
• Color is moss green
• 15''frame
• Riders should be between 5'2'' to 5'6''tall for comfort
• Bike weighs 32.6 pounds
• Riders should not weigh more than 230 pounds
• Dimensions when folded 13.7'' x 37.8'' x 33.2''
• High capacity BioLogic PostPump integrated into seat post
• Tires are Schwalbe Big Apple and include a Kevlar anti-puncture belt

Pros and Cons

Pros for this bike are its versatility. It has 24 speeds, which will enable this bike to work well even over the roughest terrain. Whether you are biking to work or biking to the top of a rugged mountain, this bike will be able to handle whatever you throw at it. The biggest con for this bike is the suggested rider height, which is 5'2'' to 5'6''. Taller riders may consider purchasing a larger frame.

Perfect for the commuter who plans on using a bike daily, the Dahon Matrix is ideal choice. With 24 speeds, it can handle whatever turmoil you have to ride through on your way to work, and can even be used for recreational weekend rides to satisfy your sense of adventure or exercise requirements. If you are looking for a Dahon and you plan on using it for a variety of activities, this one is a versatile choice. .