What Is The Difference Between A Good And Bad Motorcycle Headlight?

Whenever you’re out on the road, safety should always be a priority. If you’re on the back of a motorcycle, then this goes double. Because you are exposed to the elements, you need to be even more cautious than you would in a car. Riding at night is when things can get real nasty, so it’s crucial that you have a universal motorcycle headlight illuminating your way. However, how can you tell the difference between a good and a bad model? Let’s shed some light on the subject.

What Kind of Environments do You Ride in?

First and foremost, it’s imperative that you have a headlight that can withstand the kind of weather you go through the most. While it would be nice to only ride on clear nights, the fact is that there are plenty of things that can impair your vision. Rain and fog are the two most significant factors that can adversely affect your vision at night, so the best headlight is one that can penetrate through them with ease. When looking at aftermarket motorcycle headlight assemblies, be sure to consider these conditions.

What are Your Electrical Needs?

Another primary issue with your headlights is that they run off of your battery. As such, if you upgrade to a set that draws too much power, you will wind up with a dead weight on your ride. Conversely, if the light is rated for less wattage than you can provide, you won’t get as much brightness.

Overall, it’s critical that you have headlights that match your wattage requirements exactly. This will ensure that you get the best performance you need. Avoid lights that are too high or too low for your battery.

How Clean is It?

Finally, dirt and debris can impact the effectiveness of a headlight over time. You may notice a thick film of gunk on the front that inhibits your vision. As long as you keep it clean and wipe your lights down regularly, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

In the end, a good motorcycle headlight is the one that provides the best illumination no matter what the conditions are outside. If yours doesn’t perform well, then it’s time for a replacement. Check out Bike Bandit for more options and great prices.