Some really famous bicycle competitions

If you love to watch bicycle racing, then following are some of the famous bicycle tournaments that take place all around the world.

The Tour De France: This is one of the most famous bicycle racing tournaments in the world. It is not only a treat to watch but also provides the bicycle racing lovers an opportunity to watch one of the finest moments in the history of bicycle racing.

The Paris Rouen: This is another famous bicycle racing held in France. In this racing, the bicyclists ride from Arc de Triomphe in Paris to Rouen.

Olympic race: There are championship matches held in Olympics, which are also followed by millions of people all around the world.

Apart from these, there are several bicycle racing tournaments that take place in the United States of America. These are mostly local or domestic races but are followed by a large number of people. The bicycle racing tournaments mentioned above are one of the best tournaments that take place in the entire world. .

Motocross motorcycle racing

Motocross motorcycle racing is one of the types of motorcycle racing, which is almost equivalent to road racing. In motocross, the bikers race off road on a closed circuit. The circuits built in the motocross motorcycle racing are mostly non-tarmac surfaces and are made up of dirt, mud, sand, mud and other.

In motocross motorcycle racing, the elevations are mostly natural or artificial. The motocross racing has undergone a huge transformation in the recent days due to the advances in the motorcycle technology especially that of the suspension. The suspensions have created a predominance of circuits where the bikers can have added jumps and can also get airborne for most of the time.

In a motocross racing, around 40 riders race into the first corner. The rider who reaches the finish line first emerges as the winner in the motocross motorcycle racing.

Just like all the other formats of motorcycle racing, the motocross motorcycle racing too offers a lot of fun and excitement to the riders as well as the viewers. The motocross motorcycle racing is always fun to watch due to its unique nature. .

Federal Hacking Case over Software Bug Used to Win Video Poker

Prosecutors in the United States have always been harsh in using the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) to take legal action against those who may have had a slight chance of going against the federal anti-hacking law under the Act. A high-stakes legal battle over the use of a software bug to win video poker has caused a full fletched federal hacking case after there was much debate as to whether the federal hacking charges under the CFAA would hold out.

Four years ago, John Kane, an ardent gambler, discovered a firmware bug in IGT’s Game King video poker machine in Vegas. The software bug, which had gone unnoticed until then, allowed Kane to play a prior winning hand from another game at ten times the original value. The Game King is built for many different game variations, such as Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, and Texas Holdem, which enabled Kane to activate the bug. His friend, Andre Nestor then accompanied him after this discovery to take advantage of the bug at a series of casinos, including one in Pennsylvania where Nestor won $400,000 as a result.

The court battle began when the Game King machine which Kane had last used was inspected and the secret behind his winning streak was discovered in not only that machine but nine other IGT machines as well. The question then came down to whether it was a criminal violation of federal anti-hacking law for Kane and Nestor to knowingly take advantage of the glitch to win at least half a million dollars. Prosecutors said it was and charged both defendants with 3 felonies, 2 of those counts being charged as federal anti-hacking laws under the CFAA.

Prosecutors justified their use of the federal anti-hacking law to charge the defendants by stating that the complex sequence of button presses needed to activate the bug made it a form of hacking. They also felt that the entire purpose of the game, and poker in general, was defeated by being able to access previously played hands of cards. The defense argued that they were simply pushing a sequence of buttons that they were legally entitled to push. After all, the bug was activated only by using the buttons already available on the machine for players to use.

In the end, the CFAA, having been tested many times in the past with similar cases, was not enough to hold Kane and Nestor accountable for hacking. The Vegas prosecutors were forced to drop all federal hacking charges from case and the Court dismissed the two counts which were filed under the CFAA for federal anti-hacking. The defendants are left with one remaining charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, another federal law, but one without the accusation of hacking. The trial is set for August 20, but, at least the defendants have been spared federal hacking charges under the CFAA which were proven to be unviable for such a case..

The Top Race for Super Bikes

If you are one of those people who love to know everything about motorcycle racing, then the following information about the superbike motorcycle racing will only add to your knowledge about motorcycle racing.

The superbike racing is a type of motorcycle road racing. In superbike motorcycle racing, mostly modified production motorcycles are used. In superbike motorcycle racing, the bikes with four stroke engines between 800cc and 1200cc are used for twins whereas bikes of 750cc-1000cc are used for four cylinder machines.

In superbike racing, the motorcycles used in the racing must use the same bikes as that used by the roadgoing counterparts in the race. Apart from this, in superbike racing, the entire appearance of the bikes from the rear, front as well as the sides should correspond. In other words, all the parts in the superbike racing should be homologated when use on the public roads. This was all about the superbike motorcycle racing, if you are a fan of motorcycle racing then it is important for you to keep a track of the all the latest happenings in the world of motorcycle racing. .